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Skin survival tips

Skin survival tips for when seasons change

When the weather changes, so does your skin and so should your skincare routine.

Don't worry, we've got you covered from tips to toes!

When temperatures are chilling out, we tend to flock to the warmest of places: the shower or the home office heater. But did you know that hot air and steaming water make skin dry?

As tempting it is, you should avoid taking boiling showers and sitting by the furnace all day. Steady heat strips your body from its natural moisture and leave you feeling even drier.

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Here is what you should do instead.

Layer up when sitting around the house and refrain from taking steamy hot showers. Keep it warm and don't forget to scrub your sweet spots after. While our Qtica Rejuvenating Hand Peel may have been initially designed for hands and feet, it is the perfect plastic-free body scrub rich with antioxidants, that removes dead skin, stimulates cellular renewal and mimics the benefits of an express paraffin dip from tips to toes and everywhere in between leaving your skin soft as a baby bottom.

Keep hydrated by moisturising your skin with our nourishing Hydrate and Heal combination serum and cream including imparting hyaluronic acid (HA) and a blend of natural active ingredients that instantly improve the visual appearance of hands, feet and body.

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Want more targeted results?

Use our therapeutic Qtica Intense Overnight Foot Repair Balm that helps to seal and heal the the most damaged, irritated feet and provides instant relief with its concentrated vitamin rich formula.

Lock in moisture for up to 8 hours with our Qtica Intense Total Hydrating Therapy Lotion keeping your skin barrier healthy, happy, and intact. With its light and non-greasy collagen infused formula it's the perfect moisturiser for dry or oily queens that won’t clog your pores to keep your skin bouncy and makeup in place.

Who said skin care routines have to be long, expensive and complicated?

Please don't use any of the hand and foot care products on your face.

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