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Gelie-Cure  Foundation + Pro Led Light product impression

Gelie-Cure Foundation + Pro Led Light

A simple 3-step system for damaged nails that incorporates a demi-gel layer to lock in treatment and protect nails, while providing the perfect foundation to paint over or leave natural.

Cruelty free
Always on trend
No nasties
Vegan friendly

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Product description

The Naked ManicureTM Gelie-Cure Pro Kit includes: Rescue Serum (15ml), Repair Base (15ml), Naked Gelie (15ml), Clear Shine (30ml), Remove+ (30ml), a 3-way nail file, cuticle pusher, lint-free wipes, soak-off nail foils, cotton balls, and a Professional LED light. Everything you need for the perfect, damage-free, gel-like manicure all in one bag.

What Is Gelie-Cure?
This video will show you what Gelie-Cure is, how it works, information on the products included, & the ways to use it.

Colour that cares: Our nail polishes are created to offer the best of beauty whilst contributing to a less wasteful planet, one brushstroke at a time. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation making sure our halal, child-friendly and pregnancy-safe colours do no harm to the strength and health of the natural nail, as well as being respectful of nature when it comes to production and packaging. We are forever working with a cleaner and safer beauty experience at heart, because wearing kind cosmetics looks and feels better.

How to use

Use the provided nail file to shape nails and smooth any free-edge separation. File using an upward motion from underneath the nail to remove any residue, and downward to seal. Make sure to remove any stray dust. Clean nail beds with Remove+. This is the only prep needed.

Do NOT dehydrate or score the nail before application.

Apply a pea-sized amount of the Rescue Serum to one fingertip; use half the amount for each hand. Distribute evenly among fingernails and massage in until abs orbed. Rub to dry, do not wash off.

Ensure the Rescue Serum is thoroughly absorbed into the nail plate by using horizontal and vertical movements, from side to side and cuticle to free-edge. Rub to dry.

Step 3. REPAIR BASE Apply a thin coat of the Repair Base directly on top of the Rescue Serum. Be careful to avoid the cuticle, sidewall, upper corners of free edge, or the skin. Wrap the tip of your free-edge. Clean up with an orangewood stick if needed. (Provided)

Apply Repair Base as you would a regular basecoat. Shake to activate.

Step 4. NAKED GELIE Apply an even coat of Naked Gelie to all 10 nails. Be sure to leave a small space between the cuticle and Naked Gelie so not to flood the cuticle, sidewall, upper corners of free edge, and skin. Wrap the tip of your free-edge and do not paint your skin. Clean up any Naked Gelie on the cuticle, sidewall, upper corners of free edge, or the skin. with an orangewood stick before curing.

Step 5. TIME TO CURE Position middle 3 fingers properly under the Travel LED Light and cure for 60 seconds (Reference LED on back for proper placement). Repeat this step with other hand. Cross hands at the wrists to cure pinkies. Hang hands off the table to place thumbs flat under light to cure thumbs.

Step 6. CLEAR SHINE Spray Clear Shine onto a lint-free square and wipe each nail to remove any residue after curing.

Twist off the white cap and replace with the included spray nozzle before using.

Go Natural or add Colour!

Extra tips

Basic Foundation Application
Learn how to apply the basic foundation properly, including the serum & Gelie application techniques.

Troubleshooting: Quick Fixes
Learn how to trouble shoot with the water test, light test, and proper hand placement.

Treatment Manicure
Learn how to create a Treatment Manicure with the Repair Serum and Rescue Base Coat.

The 2-10-2 (Sandwich) Technique
Learn how to turn any Zoya colour into a healthy gel alternative, or to add longevity to your look with this technique.

Changing Colour with Gelie-Cure
Learn how to quickly switch your polish colour, without removing the Gelie-Cure foundation.

Removing Gelie-Cure Basic Foundation
Learn how to remove the Gelie-Cure foundation quickly and easily, without soaking, scraping, or damaging the nail.

One Stroke Technique
Learn how to use the one stroke technique, to avoid flooding the cuticle. Also ideal for short nails and toes.

Capping The Free Edge
Learn how to cap the free edge properly. This technique is also ideal for short nails.

Creating an Encapsulated Pixie-Dust Manicure
Learn how to apply any PixieDust shade using the sandwhich method.

The Water Test: Serum Application
How do you know your Serum application is correct? Check your work using the water test. Learn more here. …


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