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Winter Nail Care Tips

How to stop nails breaking in the winter

Do you dream of having perfectly-manicured hands all year round, but find that as soon as there’s even a hint of chill in the air, your nails start to chip and flake?

Winter weather introduces a whole host of new conditions that can cause serious damage to your nails. Exposure to cold, frosty air, frequent transitions from outdoors to the warm, arid indoors, alcohol-based hand sanitisers and extra long, hot showers are among the top offenders to cause nails to dry out, weaken and brittle.

Principally, your nail care routine should never stop, but that's especially true during the winter months. Pick up on the following simple habits to yield big results, avoid nail disasters and protect your hands from the winter weather.

1. Detox
When it comes to dry January it's time to do a deep cleanse inside & outside. We're sure you've got just the right fit guides and meal plans to take care of your guts, so let us look after your hands. The Qtica Intense Hand Rejuvenating Peel removes dry, damaged and dead surface layers to reveal a younger healthier skin & increase moisturizer absorbency rates by 150%. It's a gentle, yet very effective combination of Plant & Herbal extracts as well as Vitamins A, B-Complex, C, E, Paraffin beads, Chamomile and Anti-Oxidants, designed to apply quickly and give you instant results!

2. Remove surface oils - then reapply them
Prior to painting your nails strip them from surface oils with your favourite nail polish remover to help your chosen colour adhere more firmly and evenly to your nail. Our Remove+ solution gently cleans the nails while getting rid of lingering varnish, oils or other impurities leaving the nail plate moisturised, nourished and fortified for guaranteed extended polish wear. It's an essential step to create an immaculate canvas without a trace of streaking or staining, perfectly hydrated and prepped for the ideal manicure.

3. Avoid bare nails
Keep your nails painted! A fortifying base coat like our Anchor Base Coat, any Zoya colour and our Armor Top Coat act as a seal that holds in your nail’s natural oils while remaining water permeable and letting the nails breathe. Using products that are gentle and contain healthy vitamins, vegan proteins and revitalising nutrients is a great way to protect your nails from breaking and peeling during the cold months. Also if impatience is your virtue, make your manicures and pedicures good to go with our Fast Drying Speed Drops. This phenomenal bubble-preventing liquid completely dries your polish from the Top coat through all the way to the Base coat in no time while enhancing colour vibrancy. Add this miraculous touch to your routine and enjoy fresh and gorgeous nails for up to two weeks!

4. Refrain from waterlogged nails
Avoid overexposing your nails to water. Nails are porous, just like skin, meaning those extra long, hot showers in the winter are prime time for them to absorb too much water. This extra water strips your nails from its good oils and when the water later evaporates, they are left dry, brittle and prone to breakage and chipping. Remember, having painted nails can help reduce this water absorption in the first place!

5. Hydrate & Moisture
While it's crucial to limit exposure to water on the outside, the more important it is to stay hydrated on the inside. In the winter dry air subtly wicks moisture away from the body, with no clear indication it’s happening. Aim to drink 2-3 litres of water each day complemented by a protein and vitamin B rich diet and watch your nails getting healthier by the hour. However, it's just as important to prevent dehydration on the outside. Maintaining moisture in both hands, nails and cuticles in order to battle severe weather conditions must be a priority to save yourself from painful hangnails, cracked cuticles and bleeding, chewed-up looking skin that are not only unappealing to the eyes, but are worrisome too. A fool-proof moisture strategy for the winter months is to keep our Total Hydrating Therapy Lotion close by and use it several times a day, especially after you wash your hands or sanitise. Apply our mess-free antibacterial Solid Gold Cuticle Oil on the go or as a midday refresher and seal in moisture with our Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm at night that'll heal any damaged area by the time you wake up.

6. Mitten up
Gloves make nail care so easy! Keeping your digits protected from the elements is one of the most effective steps you can take to prevent damage from happening in the first place. They protect your hands from all sorts of things, like grabbing a door handle wrong and breaking a nail or physically shielding them from cold air and wet winter weather that can wick away those vital oils. Plus, if you're going to be cleaning off a windshield or shovelling a walkway, you're gonna need that extra protection.

Stay true to this easy, 6-step nail care routine & enjoy your best nails all winter around!

Keep your nails strong & healthy in the winter
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