Free UK delivery on orders above £20


Free UK delivery on orders above £20

Start your side hustle

Is this the perfect time to start your SIDE HUSTLE?

Many of us are stuck at home, quarantined or self-isolating due to the current health crisis. It's easy to feel affected & discouraged by external circumstances, particularly when they are having a direct effect on not just our lives but the lives of those we care about.

But is it possible that there is a silver lining in a time of worry & economic uncertainty?

A key to lifting your mood and having a healthy mind is to focus on what you can control as opposed to what you can't.

We'd like to acknowledge this isn't to downplay the severity of what's occurring across the world right now, but to rather point our eyes towards encouragements, challenges & new ventures that help us move forward.

Building your dream business

With many of us have been negatively affected financially, now more than ever we have to be open to step outside of our comfort zones, adapt to changing circumstances & shifting demand and pursuit our entrepreneurial spirit with the power of the internet. Which is why this can the perfect time for some of us to start an online business - we are here to help you accomplish your goals.

The Zoya Ambassador Trade account not only grants access to exclusive professional prices but also entitles you for your very own affiliate website for

Boosting your income has never been easier.

Recommend our products to your customers & earn money from every sale you make through your personalised Zoya affiliate domain.

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How does it work?

Sign up Sign up as a Zoya Ambassador professional & you’ll automatically get your own personalised affiliate website at

Recommend Once registered, you’ll be able to recommend & sell Zoya products to beauty enthusiasts within your network

We Dispatch Every order placed through your affiliate domain will be filed at our HQ, which we’ll then send directly to your customer

Let the Cash Flow At the end of each month enjoy your well-deserved commission we’ll guarantee to pay you after every product sold

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How does it work?

Our affiliate system is FREE way to earn some extra on top of your professional services. You'll earn 43.59% commission excluding VAT after every item sold through your personalised affiliate website. All you have to do is sign up 7 recommend our products whilst we pack & ship any orders placed for you.

There is no doubt that this has been an incredibly turbulent time, but there are always silver linings for those who seek them out.

Let us help you make our success, your success.

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