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Free UK delivery on orders above £20

Know your Zoya Polish

How well do you know your Zoya Nail Polish

Halal, vegan, child friendly, non-toxicity, biodegradable glitter and packaging - we are answering your most frequently asked questions about our nail products.

Learn all that is to know about your favourite people & planet friendly nail brand and educate your loved ones about healthier and more sustainable beauty choices.

Is the glitter in Zoya polishes biodegradable?
Yes. We use plastic-free glitter in our polishes called mica. Mica is the name given to a mineral that gives sparkle to our products. Depending on how coarse or fine the mineral is it will produce different effects, levels of shimmer & colours. The shimmer effect is created when mica is coated with an oxide, most commonly titanium dioxide. Different colours are achieved by applying more coats of a chosen oxide. All these ingredients appear in nature making our polishes nontoxic, Big10 free, cruelty-free & 100% vegan.

Can you recycle Zoya nail polish bottles and packaging?. Yes. Our bottles are made of recyclable glass and the plastic used for our brushes & lids are all recyclable too.

Most of our polishes come in cardboard packaging that is fully recyclable, as well as our bigger orders are filled with biodegradable packaging peanuts that entirely dissolve in water without contaminating the environment at all. You may come across a few single polishes left over from the old days that still come in plastic packaging, however they are fully recyclable too & have been discontinued to be packaged that way.

When recycling Zoya nail polish bottles, please keep in mind that only clean and dry bottles are accepted by curbside recycling. If you want to dispose of your old polishes safely, we offer a special mail-in recycling programme during Earth Month which is held in April every year.

At what age is it safe to use Zoya nail polish on children?
Since our polishes are nontoxic and Big10 free, meaning that they are free from carcinogens & harmful chemicals while remaining breathable, vegan, animal cruelty- free & pregnancy safe, they are safe to use at any age, but we recommend 4-5 years and above.

Make sure to supervise children at all times. Swallowing or getting the polishes in eyes, mouth, nose or throat can be very dangerous.

Please also keep in mind that while our polishes are safe to use on children, always keep the nail lacquer out of reach & away from them when not applying.

I just tested out the Zoya Z-wide brush and I love it, but is it supposed to sit higher on the bottle?

The specially developed exchangeable bottle cap technology promoting optimal application with the nail brush size that best suits your preference is designed to bring you professional quality with the ease of an at home manicure.

All you need to do is push the Zoya nail polish bottle cap down and it will seal perfectly.

Watch the video for the full tutorial.

Is Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover cruelty-free? Why are there Asian writings on the box?

Our nail products are created to offer the best of beauty with pioneer kind-to-nail technology that is 100% cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals. This is especially true to our award winning 3-in-1 Remove+ nail polish remover, nail prep & conditioner. We are forever working with a cleaner and safer beauty experience at heart, because wearing kind cosmetics looks and feels better.

All languages should be displayed on the box for global distribution.

Has Zoya always been 10 Free? Because some older polishes state to be free from only 5 of the named ingredients.

As a pioneer nail polish brand and the creator of the Big 3, Big 5 later Big 10 free formulas, Zoya has always been at the forefront of innovation looking for healthier and more environmentally friendly ingredient and packaging options.

Our polishes have always been Big10 free, the formula haven’t changed. It’s the term 'Big10 free' or '10FREE' that didn’t exist until 2016. It was marketed as Big5 free before because that was the industry-wide used term before they introduced Big10 free concept.

Is Zoya nail polish halal?

Our nail polishes are 100% nontoxic, vegan, pregnancy safe, as well as breathable and water permeable - so therefore halal. It is important to note that we only comply and get certified with government regulatory health agencies and guidelines and not to private organisations. Additionally, we advise to use thin coats to maintain water permeability of Zoya nail polishes.

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