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How To Wear: Zoya Kisses

What are Pastel Jellies?

This is for all the jelly nail polish lovers. The shine, the squishiness, the layering. They are so versatile, and fantastic for nail art.

Zoya's new Kisses featurette contains three new pastel jelly colours, Libby, Vickie and Princess. The polishes are semi-sheer with a unique milky and buildable streak resistant formula. Perfect for wearing alone or layered to create a huge range of custom colours and effects. Not only is the Kisses collection, extremely versatile, each polish boasts a super glossy, high shine finish.

Zoya Princess is a buildable, milky pink jelly that builds up nicely in 3 medium thick coats. Zoya Libby is a similarly buildable, milky lavender jelly that builds up beautifully in 3 medium thick coats. Zoya Vickie is again a buildable, milky gray jelly. The most sheer of the three polishes in this collection, but mostly opaque in 3 medium thick coats.


Ways to Wear

Due to the Kisses collection having a unique and buildable nature, there are loads of ways to wear each polish.

From a subtle wash of colour to full coverage, the pastel jellies are perfect for building to your preferred finish.

A stand out 'jelly sandwich' effect can be created by layering layers of jelly in between a coat of glitter or flakes.

The polishes can also be layered with special effect toppers, such as Zoya Leia to accent each polish.


Tips for long lasting manicure

To keep your Kisses manicure looking fresh for longer, you can up your nail care game with the following steps:

  1. Saturate a cotton pad with Zoya Remove+ and hold onto nail for a few seconds then wipe away existing polish

  2. Apply a coat of Naked Base

  3. (Optional) Apply a coat of Lavender Perfector to neutralise discolouration

  4. Apply your chosen Kisses shade and build to preferred colour intensity

  5. Apply Glossy Seal Top Coat for a super shiny finish

  6. To speed up the drying process, add a drop of Fast Drops to each painted nails