Free UK delivery on orders above £20


Free UK delivery on orders above £20

Easy Neons

Say hello to Easy Neon!

Our new frustration-free formula waves goodbye to special base coats and notoriously streaky application associated with traditional neon colours. This Big 10 Free, people & planet friendly formula applies opaque in 2 coats and comes with the unique Z-Wide brush for a streak free application.

All the bright summer fun without the fuss!

Full Coverage, 10-FREE Formula
Effortless, Streak-Free Application
NO Special Base Coat Required
Comes With Z-Wide Brush

Keep up with the latest trends with this vibrant 6 piece palette that naturally dries in a unique satin/matte finish and completely transforms when topped with our NM Glossy Seal Top Coat for a playful, jelly-like nail look. All colours are designed with our pioneer, breathable, toxin-free technology to deliver a healthier manicure that is safe for both you and the environment. Zoya Easy Neon is an admirably photogenic summer collection that is already equipped with our flat, Z-wide brush bringing you professional quality with the ease of at-home application.

Oakley: A fiery bright orange neon.
Zelda: A beaming pink-coral neon.
Janie: A hot fuchsia pink neon.
Banks: A cool-toned, vibrant violet neon.
Echo: A deep lagoon blue neon.
Link: An electric, kelly green neon.

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