Free UK delivery on orders above £20


Free UK delivery on orders above £20

Earth Day


It's Earth Day today, which calls for us to stop and consider the impact our choices are having on the planet. This year at the Zoya UK Headquarters we are doing the same and instead of promoting a nail polish exchange program urging hundreds of customers to mail back their used, unwanted polishes for us to dispose of, we would like to raise awareness on how to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Discover what us as a nail brand have done so far for a cleaner and safer beauty experience and explore how You can contribute to make a difference and do momma Earth proud.

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Our polishes are people & planet friendly
Zoya Natural Nail Polishes are 100% vegan, halal and pregnancy safe, as well as free from toxins, carcinogens or any harmful chemicals. Above all our products are never tested on animals.

Our packaging peanuts are biodegradable
Our packaging peanuts are made from corn scratch and fully decompose when in contact with water. Try it yourself next time you receive an order from us - it's fun for both kids and adults :)

We have eliminated our plastic boxes entirely
Some of our individual items, such as our Colour Lock treatments, used to be wrapped in recyclable plastic containers. In 2020/21 we completely phased them out and replaced them with recyclable cardboard packaging.

Our packaging is fully recyclable
Our cardboard packaging boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and you can fully recycle them again along with our cleaned glass nail polish bottles and plastic nail brush caps.


Old nail polish is not dead nail polish
Don't throw away your frazzled, lumpy nail lacquers - it's bad for the environment. Instead revive your old colours with our Renew Plus polish rejuvenator and enjoy them until the very last drop.

Nail polish is sadly not recyclable
Nail polish - no matter how kind the formula - is still paint and can't be recyled. However, there are a number of ways in which you can upcycle it or dispose of it correctly. Keep reading for tips & best practices..

The best ways to repurpose nail polish
Use it for crafts or to fix trinkets and furniture. Seal costume jewellery to stop your skin turning green. Apply a drop to halt ladder in tights. Use small amounts for colour coding things (keys, pencils etc.) or for art. Alternatively, simply gift your unused polishes to a friend or donate them.

The best ways to dispose of nail polish
Pour out your nail polish on newspaper (you can layer as many as you'd like), let it dry and dispose of the painted paper with normal household waste. Don't forget to clean the bottle & brush with acetone and recycle them respectfully.

This Earth Day..
Make more conscious beauty decisions. Seek products that are safe for both you and the environment, because wearing kind cosmetics looks & feels better!