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Beauty Glow Up

Beauty SOS: Summer Edition

Dry, cracked and harsh.

No, this isn’t a description of the Sahara Desert. It’s how your skin feels during summer. But it doesn’t have to be. We've got just the tricks to turn your sweat into a GLOW.


SUN SPF Sunscreen. SPF Sunscreen. SPF Sunscreen That is all.

SAND Leave it at the beach, not in your bikini. Sand is a great natural exfoliator - it buffs away dry skin to leave you super smooth but a day later, it’s gone. Keep your body smooth, radiant and clean even when the beach is away with our Qtica Herbal Rejuvenating Hand Peel It works wonders on both hands & body by instantly removing dry, damaged dead layers and giving you vacation-glowy skin all year round.

CHLORINE While chlorine is used in pools to disinfect and kill bacteria, it’s no surprise that it's not good for you. As such, it completely strips your nails & skin. Before you dive into the deep end cover your nails with 2 coats of your favourite Naked Manicure Nail Perfector to create a barrier & deliver therapeutic benefits on the long-run. Likewise, the same advice applies to your skin. Our Hydrate & Heal fast absorbing vitamin-rich collagen booster system is a summer saviour pre and post swim. The serum & cream together protect you from dryness, lock in moisture & improve skin tone naturally thanks to the blend of active hydrating ingredients, powerful antioxidants and rejuvenating hyaluronic acid (HA). You didn't think we were just all about nail care now, did you?

AIR-CON You’ll breathe a sigh of relief but your skin won’t. If the air is lacking humidity, your skin can lack moisture, especially when it’s under aircon all day. Because this can cause a skin to become dehydrated, it can also lead to an impaired barrier function that can make skin super sensitive. Give it a bit of a loving touch with our ultra-hydrating Qtica Intense Therapy Lotion - a non-greasy balm formula that gives you long lasting moisture without the toxic ingredients you may find in many drugstore options. Stay naturally hydrated, for longer.

TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS You spend hours in front of the mirror, stare at your hands all day, look for imperfections & start to notice all sorts of minor 'problems' that you want to quick fix at home right away. Bad idea - leave your nails alone. A nip here a clip there and voila, you've damaged your nail surface, hurt your cuticles & caused hangnails.. Apply your fave Zoya colour instead keeping your nails groomed & polished for 7 days giving you all the nail satisfaction you're after. It's as simple as that. Massage your cuticles with our Qtica Cuticle Intense Repair Balm before you go to bed and enjoy seamless results all week around.

Embrace your routine. Continued use can do marvels on your skin & nails.

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We'd love to see you glow!

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